Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting Bigger!

This baby boy is growing growing growing, and is even bigger than this today. We are thinking about naming him Owen but were not 100 percent sure, well I am but Tim's not. I am growing too as you can see. I am starting to get uncomfortable and sleeping is becoming more difficult. This pregnancy is very different from the first. This baby is carrying very high...Zach's was the opposite. He is constantly in my ribs and it can be painful and take my breath away. I can't wait for him to drop. I can feel him move all day long and sometimes all night. Tim has been able to feel him multiple times and I am getting so excited to meet our son!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

About a month ago we went to Disneyland! It was so much fun and Zach had a blast! We had hopper tickets so we also went to California Adventure. We spent 3 days there and then went to Tim's sisters house for the weekend. We also stayed a few nights with my best friend Lindsay. Here are some pictures of our trip:

Building a fort with the boys
At the museum, big fish!
I grew up in this house, I miss it! They were filming at it!
Bugs life Land!
We bought Zach this Pooh Bear, he loves it!
The Haunted Mansion, his first ride!
Finding Nemo, Zach's Favorite ride.
Apparently my knee was digging into Tim's leg.
I love Zach's expression.
Toy Story box!
Pulling on the sword
He would not let go!
Dumbo, his least favorite ride.
On the Farris wheel, it was sooo windy!
More Nemo
On the Jungle Safari
Waiting in line. Lines were short the whole trip, it was great.