Monday, March 16, 2009


Well, I discovered that I suck at posting! I need to be better!! So its been a while... Tim and I are still doing the same thing... school, and work, and married life.

Tim is about to finish up the semester and made it through a hard week. But he got an A! He also forgot that he applied for a scholarship and got it!!! So that means we have our insurance covered for the next two semesters! What a blessing, paying your tithing brings blessings!

This past week was so fun! My best friend Lindsay came and visited us. Sadly we never took out our cameras so we have no pictures. But we do have lots of memories. We spent a couple days watching my sisters(Beth) kids. We saw the movie 17 Again, is was so funny. We then met up with Tim and have a feast at Tucanos. Then we went to the mall and got our nails done. What a girl day! She met Tim for the very first time.. and what do you know, she loved him, who doesn't!

Today is an exciting day! Tim's brother Mark comes home from his mission in spain. Tim is very very excited. I am too, though I have only met him once. But I am excited to get to know him.

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