Monday, November 30, 2009

7 Weeks

Well, I am 7 weeks pregnant, and so far I can't really complain. Morning sickness doesn't exist for me, in which I feel very lucky. I can't relate to those who throw up everyday. I hope that I am not going to get a late case of it. As long as I keep my stomach satisfied by eating small healthy snacks, I feel great.

The only thing I can complain of is having Pregnancy Rhinitis. Pregnancy rhinitis occurs when nasal passages become irritated and inflamed during pregnancy. Thus experiencing nasal congestion, sneezing, and runny nose. It is said to last six weeks in the first trimester but could occur the whole pregnancy.

This annoying symptom has made it really hard to sleep at night. So I decided to try sleeping in our lazy boy chair. It is so far the most comfortable for me. The only thing is now Tim and I sleep apart from each other, which I don't like but it's the only way I have been able to sleep. I am going to move it into our bedroom though so we can at least be in the same room.

I can't really complain, because I would rather do this then throw up everyday, several times a day.

P.S. Our baby is the size of a blueberry now! not very big but a lot bigger then a dot! ahah


laura marie said...

Yeah! The baby is bigger than a dot! You've surpassed that stage in the book. Congrats!

The Andelins said...

Aww!! Congrats!!! I am so excited for you- you'll love being a mom. And even though July feels like SO FAR AWAY, it really will be here before you know it!! XOXO