Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Getaway

So, this past week Tim and I went on a little getaway before Zach comes. Tim had a week break between semesters so it was a perfect time to go. We went to Vegas and stayed at the Tahiti Village Resort. It was really good except the bed. It was hard as a rock, so my back didn't appreciate that much. The first night we were there we went and saw The Lion King! It was amazing! I was afraid that Tim wouldn't like it because he hates musicals. He ended up loving it. After the show he whispered to me that he is a sucker for father and son stories now. I love that he said that.

The Next day I really wanted to go swimming. We woke up to rain! I was so sad, I wanted the sun to be out and we wanted to go in the lazy river. Since the weather was not agreeing with our plans we went to the outlet malls. The place was huge! Tim bought some Nikie shirts. We then had lunch at Chipotle. The rest of the day we rested and rented some movies and ordered wings and pizza. In the morning we had to be out by 10 and it was a beautiful day. Finally nice weather and we had to leave.

It was a relaxing trip, and it was so nice to spend quality time together! Now we are beginning to count down the weeks to Zach's arrival. 11 1/2!

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