Sunday, March 20, 2011

8 months

Zachary is 8 months today! I can not believe how fast time flies. By the way don't you love his face in this picture?! He has grown so much and I just can't get enough of my little man.

Things he likes:
*playing with mom and dad....duh
*eating big boy solids
*taking baths
*reading books
*taking walks
* dance parties with mom
*cooking with mom
*rolling.... he wont crawl, he is satisfied with rolling everywhere
*scrunching his nose
* cardboard boxes
*his new chair... it latches on the side of the table, you can take it everywhere!
* getting his teeth brushed

Things he's not so found of:
* bibs
*crawling... again he will just roll and roll
* being quite in church... he loves to entertain anyone that will look at him
*taking his vitamins

He has two teeth and his top ones are just cutting through.

Happy 8 months Zachary!

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