Thursday, July 7, 2011

Zach's First 4th of July!

Well, this is officially the last of the first holidays for Zach. He will be 1 in just two weeks! I can't believe it. I remember last year on the 4th I felt like I was going to burst, I could feel him kick and kick with each fire work explosion. This year, I got to hold him while he looked at each firework with curiosity. Much better that being kicked I must say.

This year we were so lucky to be able to attend the Stadium of Fire, the big 4th celebration here in Provo. Tim works for Qualtrics and they were the #1 sponsors for the event, so they gave each of their employees 4 tickets. We took my brother Nick and Tim's brother Micheal. We had a blast. The show opened with sky divers who were to land right behind us. They came right above us, I seriously thought they were going to take us out. It was one of the coolest things I have seen in a while. David Archuleta and Brad Paisley were the performers for this years show. David was amazing and Zach loved dancing to his music. Brad was good too, but I am not that into country music and it seemed like Zach wasn't either. The fireworks were amazing, and Zach loved them. Overall, everything was amazing.

I love the fourth of July and I am so thankful for all of the men and women who serve our country and keep us safe. I can't imagine leaving my family for long periods of time not knowing if I would see them again. During the Stadium of Fire they showed a video of mothers and fathers returning to their families and I cried because the love felt in their embraces was so strong. These men and women are sacrificing their lives so that my family can be safe. I hope that one day we can bring them home from Iraq so that they can be with their families.

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