Monday, September 5, 2011

Baby #2 Update

This Pregnancy is flying by so far which is nice because last time it felt like it lasted forever. I had my first baby doctor appointment this week and I heard the heartbeat for the first time! It took a little while to find it but it was for sure there. We're scheduling a repeat c-section for the end of March. I can try a VBAC if I go into labor before 39 weeks but my doctor said that's most likely not going to happen and to plan for a c-section. The thought of just going straight to the c-section is relieving in a way because last time I labored for 16 hours before the c-section and I was exhausted by that point. It was a little to much for me to handle.

As for symptoms at about 91/2 weeks....nothing to bad. I get nauseous every once in a while, mostly at night. I hate throwing up so I fight it as hard as I can. My back hurt really bad my first pregnancy and it hurts again. The most annoying symptom is having to pee a lot! I don't really mind it during the day but I hate being interrupted at night. I will lay there until it hurts....dumb I know but if I get up then it takes me a while to go back to sleep, sometimes hours. I also already feel huge. I am bloated all the time and I am feeling ligament pains much earlier this time, which can be annoying. I guess they say a balloon that has already been blown up once, blows up faster the second time. Well, I can't believe I am about a fourth of the way done. We are going to go next month around 16 weeks and see if we can find out the gender early! I would love another boy but a girl would be exciting too.. I feel like it's another boy :)

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