Friday, February 17, 2012

18 Months

Zach turned 18 months last month. He had his check up and is now 26 pounds and 33 inches tall...which is more than half my height, yes I am short! I love watching him grow everyday and he makes me laugh so hard with all the silly faces he makes.

Things he likes:
* dancing
* anything electionic...phones, kindle, wii, laptops
* his leapfrog laptop
* any type of Ball
* his basketball hoop
* taking showers
* nursery
* coloring
* rubbing and kissing owen in mom's tummy
* playing the piano
* chocolate milk, and much more!

He loves olives

Standing on the elliptical

Kisses for Mom


1 comment:

Lindsay Covinos said...

I LOVE that he is coloring!! and I had no idea he loved olives!!! get him Lindsay Olives! haha